Sunday, July 24, 2016

It's A Great Time to be a Geek!

If I could send one page of my blog back in time to my younger self, it would be one where I list the dates all the major tech companies had their IPO...but  the second page I would send would be this one.  Two DC movies, four DC TV shows (more if you count Lucifer, Gotham, I Zombie and Preacher), Doctor Strange and a new Blair Witch movie.  Was Comic Con going on or something? ;)

Here are all the goodies...tip o' the hat to Tim Knight at Hero Press for most of these.

This is so good! And Etta Candy!

Aquaman looks like a bad-ass, plus a double dose of Wonder Woman?  Yes please!


Justice Society!

Not a fan of the ship design, but if it is pre-Kirk then I can live with it.

Been waiting for this one for YEARS!

Not to mention great things already out like Stranger Things, Star Trek and the new Ghostbusters.


Cross Planes said...

If someone had told me that Ragman would appear on a primetime TV show, I'd have laughed SO HARD!

Tim Knight said...

Thanks for the nod, Tim. I like to use HeroPress to share my love of such geeky wonders and spread the goodness. This year, SDCC delivers by the truckload. I, for one, certainly wasn't expecting a Justice League trailer, for instance. And even then I wasn't expecting to be so smitten by it ;)