Friday, January 2, 2015

A Witch Class for 5e

Brian McDaniel has created a new witch class for 5e D&D and I am going to give it a spin.

It has some really nice features.  It is not a one to one conversion of any of my witches, though my Basic Witch is listed as an inspiration (among a bunch of other witches).

I thought I had heard that we were eventually going to get a "witch" build for the wizard class in 5e.  I have not really thought much about it or even considered making a 5e witch myself.  I am too busy with my new Pathfinder and Castles & Crusades witch right now.
Maybe in a year or so.  I like to play the game a while before I rework classes for it.

But this one is a great class to try out.  Not sure how it will play yet, but I think I will introduce it in my next free session.

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