Friday, August 8, 2014

Midnight Release and Tacos

It's midnight where I am and my FLGS, Games Plus, has the 5th Edition Player's Handbook out now.

We grabbed our copies and a copy of the Dragon Queen adventure too.  Yeah it is basically the same thing we are doing in 3e.  Maybe I'll back convert it or use it for ideas.

We celebrated the new release with tacos for Taco Bell.  Hey. Not much else is open that late in the suburbs on a Thurday night.

In any case, 5e looks good.  Now I need to get to bed. I still have work to do tomorrow today.


Reese Laundry said...

I hate you, and your boys (Not really.)
SO jealous.
I'll grab the adventure at GenCon, but have to wait on Amazon for my PH.

Scott Anderson said...

Hmm. I thought you were older.