Friday, April 11, 2014

Victorian Adventure Enthusiast interviews Timothy Brannan

Check out the interview I recent did with the Victorian Adventure Enthusiast.
They are revamping their site, so keep them in your RSS reader for more Victorian era gaming fun.

And you can see me in my Victorian gentlemen's suit.

Interesting note. I was at the wedding of one of my oldest friends.  He was having a Civil War reenactment wedding.  All of the guys and the groom were in uniform. I was standing with him on stage as a groomsman but I didn't feel right wearing a uniform.  I am not a reenacter and unlike many of the other guys I also was not in the military.  So I wore this instead, knowing I can get more miles out of it later.

The guy getting married, Jon, was my DM in Jr. High.  In the picture I am standing next to the guy who was my DM in High School. He is cropped out of this version.

I thought it was going to be a lame wedding but I am happy to admit I was wrong and it was an absolute blast.

Pop by and read about how I wrote the Ghosts of Albion RPG.

ETA: If I look like I am sweating. I am. It was late June in Central Illinois, 95 degrees on it's way to 100 and I am wearing black wool.

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SpacerGuy said...

I dig your choice of color, you look like a real batman!