Saturday, November 2, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different...

My friends Jody and Beth left a life in the suburbs to pursue a dream of running a sustainable farm.  They are doing that now but they are also up for grant from Chase to make their farm better.

I want everyone who reads this to vote.  Here is why:
- Every likes to complain when the big banks screw up.  Well the biggest one, J. P. Morgan-Chase is giving away money.  Vote to say you approve of them doing good.
- Jody was a 9-5 career guy, Beth a special ed teacher, they got off the yuppie-in-training lifestyle to pursue a dream.  Vote if you support people following their dreams to do what the love.
- Vote if you hate yuppie scum and want to support their escape from the soul sucking that is the suburbs.
- They are running a small sustainable farm. Vote if you support people trying to make a difference, even if (or especially if!) it is only local.
- They are not Monsanto. Plenty of my online friends should vote just because of that!

So please. Click. It takes no time really, but could mean a world of difference.



L.G. Keltner said...

I voted! Best of luck to them!

Jacob Kipfer said...

That's awesome. I voted too

Tim Knight said...

Click and done! Fingers crossed!