Sunday, February 12, 2012

What do we know about D&D5 so far?

Here are a couple of links.

and this massive overview from ENWorld.

Again they are looking more for a "style" of play rather than out and out compatibility.
I am expecting it all to built on a 3.x base, in a presentation similar to that of the 4e Essentials line.
The core races and classes, with lots of add-ons to get more classes, monsters and skirmish battles.

I do expect skills and feats in the first sets of core books, but as kinda optional rules (like 2nd ed had for skills).

Otherwise the progress is moving along as I'd expect it too.
I am hoping to see some play-test games at Gen Con.


Roger L. Mills said...

I'm hope we don't have to wait until Gencon before we get our hands on the playtest. I was under the impression we would get a version some time in Spring, which would allow for an updated revision to be unveiled at Gencon.

Tim, interested in some playtest this summer, says the western suburbs of Chicago guy?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@Roger, I hope to see something soon as well.

I would certainly be up for some games this summer!