Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leave a signature

I am participating in the A to Z blogging challenge again this year.
As a value add to my regular readers and to new readers each post will be about a different game.  I'll have a review, maybe some new crunch or fluff, something for everyone (I hope).

Regular readers get to hear about something new and new readers can get a better insight to our hobby and maybe find something they would like to try out.

But that is not why I am posting today.

Today I want to encourage YOU my readers to leave your signature when you reply.
If you are reading my blog and you are a blogger, chances are you are saying thing I might want to read or other readers might.  So I want YOU, my readers to leave a signature.

This idea was posted at the main Blogging A to Z site,

For the Challenge we are being asked to leave signatures on the posts we make.
Now typically I (and many of you) do not do this.  It can be considered tacky or SPAMy by most and even rude by others.

But I think I am going to be ok with people leaving comments here to leave your signature.  If you take the time to read my posts and then even more time to post something then I should repay you the courtesy of reading your blog and posts AND have others here do the same.
As long as I think this is not being abused then I am not going to delete anything.

Using Sue Travers cue, here is how you do it.

Leave your name and your blog title as a signature.

So replace the text in red with your link and the text in blue with your name.  So I would do this:

You now have my explicit approval to use that here.  Your experiences may very on other blogs.
If you wish you can try it out below.


Mimi said...

and he's off and running!

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

happy blogging. I guess I better figure out what your blog is all about!

Alex Schroeder said...

Alex Schroeder, RPG

Anonymous said...

I've got to try that. I haven't done my signature in comments yet. Thanks for the tutorial.

Medeia Sharif.

Mike said...

Mike, Hound of Culain