Friday, January 14, 2011

Reviews at DriveThru

One thing I want to do this year is post more of my reviews.  So here is a first batch.  Hope you enjoy.

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
A great and worthy game to bear the name of the highly acclaimed "restart" of the Doctor Who series. While the focus of the game is on the 10th Doctor (David Tennet) years, the game is great for all time periods and Doctors.
Using a simple 2d6 + stat, roll over target number system, DW:AiTaS though goes beyond what is typically since in RPGs. Talking and Running are preferable to fighting, just like in the show and there many ways to measure success.

The system is similar to Unisystem and even GURPs, but not as "crunchy". This is a game of normal humans and the occasional alien battling foes that out match them, out gun them and out "tech" them. You are going to need to be very clever or lucky (or both!). While this could have fell into the Call of Cthulhu end of the spectrum on hero survival, heroes are expected to survive and even win.

This is one of the best games to come out in the last couple years and one of C7's best.
5 stars

Zelart 035
Yawning or screaming succubus. You can see the preview. The art is good, and if you have a project using succubi then it is a good buy. Not very useful for player-character art though.
4 stars

Gaslight Calender Pack
Very useful resource for Gaslight or any other Victorian era game. Important dates and moon phases. Wish it had some more detail, not looking for a full almanac here, but just a touch more.
4 stars

Gaslight OGL Character Sheet
Quick and easy OGL sheet for Gaslight. Nothing fancy but gets the job done well.
4 stars

Gaslight Savage Worlds Character Sheet
Savage Worlds sheet for Gaslight. Very functional, and despite it's plainness I like it better than the Rippers sheet.
4 stars

The Traveller Book
This was my first ever sci-fi RPG. I bought the book years ago and now I am very pleased to have the PDF. Everything is here to play what is many consider to be the best sci-fi RPG around. Some of the "tech" seems outdated to our newer eyes of course (computers that weigh tons and only run 6 or so programs) and you can still die in character creation. But this is the "Red Box" of Traveller and it is still great fun. A great game of our Futures Past.
5 stars

There will be more in the future and I am thinking about a regularly scheduled posting of reviews.  Just thinking about when is a good time and how many per post.


Rhonin84 said...

The Doctor Who game, couldn't agree with you more, damn fun game and I love running it!

The gaslight stuff I leave to you...I could get more into it if we had more of us who wanted to commit but alas, no.

The Traveller Book, I would like to get that book as a hard copy. I have all the material in it but it is one of those that I never got when I was younger and then I could fill in the blanks with separate books.

Back to Doctor Who...hmm...maybe we try the wives and you in a game and no this would not be the adult version!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I think we could do Who.

Though I have been wanting to try it out using a d12 rather than 2d6.