Thursday, January 6, 2011

Google Analytics - One Year Later

Last year at this time I remembered something cool.  I remembered I had a Google Analytics account.  I put the code on my Blog and watched the hits come in.

All 25 of them.

My first day tracking hits and pages gave me a whopping 25 visitors.  I am sure three of them were me (home, work and phone).

On Tuesday, Jan 4, 2011 my hits for the day were 425.  Not too shabby.   Sure nothing like some of the big name blogs, but quality not quantity right!

But in general I am trending up and that is good. I deleted the code in July by mistake and went to 0 hits on July 6th.

Here is to seeing me break 500 daily hits in 2011!


LoneIslander said...

My hits have been steadily going down as of late. I was never that interesting to begin with lol

The Happy Whisk said...

Holy bananas. That's a lot of page views. Neat stuff.