Thursday, January 13, 2011

January PDFs from DriveThruRPG

It's time for some new DrivethruRPG codes!

As usual you can use this code to get a 20% discount on the following items.  Just my way of saying thanks for being loyal readers and visitors here.

This month's code is BlogPodJan2011 and it is good till Jan 31.

Here are this month's products:

One Night Stand: The Warren of the Death Spider (Pathfinder) [Otherworld Creations]
Script Crypt Volume 2: Four Damned Scripts [Crucifiction Games]
Volunder (Mega Dungeon; D&D/OGL) [Stainless Steel Dragon]
QUEST CARDS Game Set 3 [Fuller Flippers]
Incorporated Volume 1 [Brutal Games]
Deadlands: Reloaded Player's Guide [Pinnacle Entertainment]



Game Master Rob Adams said...

Thanks! Will have to pick up the Warren of the Death Spiders and the Mega Dungeon.

Stacy said...

Excellent! Got Death Spiders, Corporation, and Deadlands.