Friday, January 28, 2011

New Game Group

Tonight will be the first meeting of my new game group.  Well, not so much new and not really mine.
"The Northlands Gaming Group" will be the same members of my "adult" Pathfinder/D&D4 group which is a larger set of my normal Unisystem playtest group.  The DM will be Greg aka Rhonin84.

Tonight is the prep meeting over some Chicago-style pizza.  I am expecting we will be doing more in Greg's own world, which will be a treat.  What I am not sure of yet is which system we will be using.  I have narrowed it down to a few guesses though.

Why?  Well we both play it with our own kids separately now and when we get them together. It would be easy to do and between the two of us we have everything.  Plus we had a good Essentials based game recently that was a lot of fun.
Why not? For exactly the same reasons.
My take: I get to play a lot of D&D4 and with this group we will spend a lot of time in combat.  D&D4 combats do take a long time but there are ways to speed it up.

Why? This is the odds on favorite I think. This is the system that this group started out in.
Why not? These reasons are fewer.  The main reason would be that one of the other systems has something in it that PF does not.
My take:  I like Pathfinder and unless we do it here I am not sure when I'd ever play it.

Why? Greg has been telling me for weeks now how much of a fan he is of OSRIC and S&W.  We both love the new B/X Companion. So there is some traction here.
Why Not? The other players are not as familiar with these games as we are.
My Take: I'd love to play in retro-clone game; if done right.

I think I am going to opt for a Paladin in this group; something against my typical witch or wizard.

Looking forward to the first meeting of the new Northlands Gaming Group!


The Happy Whisk said...

Enjoy and Happy Gaming.

Rhonin84 said...

Because Tim is so busy looking at his pictures for his Saturday celebration, it was Pathfinder that rolled out on top!

Though I will be saving some of the details for Tim to post, it was a fun two hours over beer and pizza putting the beginning strokes on what the player's want and what they are going to be playing.

There is a surprise Tim is not playing a paladin NOR a spellcaster...yet. ;)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Yup. I went downstairs and grabbed my APG to look at my options.

I think I have a cool idea forming.