Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Played some AD&D 2nd Ed today.

Got home from half-day at work today and sat down and played some old-school AD&D 2nd Ed today.  My oldest wanted to try it out (I bought him a 2nd ed Monstrous Manual years ago so he wouldn't mess up mine).

Odd how it happened really, we were going to play D&D 4e Red Box, then it was going to be D&D Basic Red Box.  Finally landed on 2nd Ed.  Spent some time, though not as much as I thought, looking up some rules.  Spent more time just figuring out where I put the XP table for my witch.

It was a fun quick little dungeon crawl, no plot, no backstory, just kicking in doors and killing monsters.  Used some 4e minis and the map from the Dungeons & Dragons' Black Box.

All in all a good bit of fun. Doubt we will continue with 2nd Ed, but it was nice to give is a another try.

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The Grey Elf said...

We've been running 2e Ravenloft for some months, now, and having a ball with it. The older editions are so freeing compared to the later, "rulebook uber alles," and "system for every eventuality" versions. It's really refreshing for a player to just go, "can I try...?" and the DM goes, "that sounds fun. Sure, you can do it."