Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2nd Edition lives on!

The 2nd Edition of the World's Largest Fantasy Role-playing game is often the World's Most Forgotten Fantasy Role-Playing game.
While 1st Ed AD&D continues to get all sorts of gushy love and the border skirmishes between 3rd and 4th are still going on, 2nd Ed often gets forgotten.

But not by these guys.

PurpleWorm.org is a site dedicated to 2nd Edition AD&D.  Full of content.

THAC0 Forever! Is a AD&D 2nd ed centric Blog.

Planet AD&D (where I used to be a contributor) is going on 12+ years of providing D&D material for readers.  It was primarily a 2nd Ed site, but now it caters to many flavors of D&D.

I used to work on Planet AD&D and there is still some content there that belonged on my original The Other Side website.

I have talked about my experiences with 2nd Ed in the past, but today just reflect on what was good about this, the most dismissed of all the Editions.


Daniel R. Davis said...

Cool! I always liked 2E. I ran many a fun campaign with the 2E stuff.

Havard: said...

The second half of the 80s is actually my favorite period of gaming. Lots of great products came out in these years as well :)

christian said...

I always liked 2e. As I've stated elsewhere, I think xps based upon killing and looting solely lends itself to a very narrow style of play. 2e's system gave the DM options for awarding xps for completing goals and role-playing, which opened things up quite a bit. The settings published during the 2e era were also amazing.

scottsz said...

Thanks for posting those links, Mr. B.

Game Master Rob Adams said...

I liked 2nd ed after I figured out THAC0 worked. I really liked the variety in the game and the different saving throws. I also liked(and used) the weapon init modifier. After all, why shouldn't someone with a dagger who is normally just as quick as someone with an axe go first in initiative? I agree with Christian too as the box sets rocked! Ravenloft and Al Quadim were my favorites.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Ravenloft was my favorite world.

2nd Ed has the distinction of being the only D&D I have ever ran and never played in. I have been a player and a DM in all the others.

Cyric said...

Thx for these links! I'm back into 2e for 1 1/2 years now and enjoying it more than I ever did 3.0 or 3.5.

The Realms got me in it's grasp again and it's a pleasure to hunt through The Vast and the Moonsea region every other week.