Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Stuff before the Weekend

So some little posts today.

Monster Manual 3 for D&D 4
Picked this up earlier in the week.  I love it.  You can never get too many monsters or monster books.  IT's too bad we are not playing D&D4 in my adult group.  I might have to move to D&D4 in my kids group just so I can use this.

I am torn. My kids' game of D&D 3.x is going great I almost hate to change things on them.  But then there are all these nice new D&D4 books...

As typical tomorrow is ENWorld Game Day at my favorite local game store, and I am going to be at home in my game room playing a marathon game of Pathfinder.  Not that I am complaining mind you! I will just have to be there in spirit.  Anytime there has been an EN World Game Day or a D&D Game Day we are gaming at my place instead.  I am fully expecting my paladin, Johan Werper the V, the great-great grandson of my first ever D&D character to reach 2nd level tomorrow.  One can always hope.

I am totally digging using Hero Lab for this as well.  Great to keep track of things and even explore "what ifs" on skills or class choices.

Tempting FATE
Bet that title hasn't been overused!  Anyway. I have a bunch of new(ish) Fate and Fudge games that are screaming at me to try out.  I regular GM is bringing over his printed out copy of Icons, I have Dresden Files and few others.  I am still not 100% sold on Fate/Fudge even if they are Indy darlings.

More Games
Look for reviews, overviews and commentary of games like Dresden Files, BASH, Icons, Cartoon Action Hour 2  and more.  Plus I have a stack of old games I want to go over.  Mostly horror.

It is my birthday this weekend!  So happy birthday to me.

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Enchelion said...

Happy Birthday Tim, seems you've got a great few days ahead of you. I wish I could game more regularly. Soon!