Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogs you should Follow

So, my brothers were in town all weekend so I didn't get a chance to prepare any new material for this week yet.

But instead I thought I use today for something my brothers pointed out to me.  I follow a lot of blogs.
Maybe too many really, but there is so much cool stuff out there and so many interesting insights that I keep following more.

So I wanted to share with you all some of the smaller, lesser known finds.  Now just cause I am linking these and say not someone else's blog does not mean I like these better or even best.  I may not know the other blog you are thinking of, or I might not just have anything I want to say about them yet today.

So here are some I like and think they worth checking out.

Swords Against the Outer Dark
Old School D&D + Old School Cthulhu.  I like this blog beasue it has this cool almost 70's occult revival + pulpy dark 30s vibe to it. It updated often and always with something that can be used.  Reminds me of a bit of the games I liked to run back in the day.

Daddy Grognard
Another cool Old School blog with a lot of content.  It's blogs like that that make me think "man we should get all the coolest content together into one PDF."  But I think someone does that now anyway.

ChicagoWiz's RPG Blog
Ok, this one really doesn't need me to tell people how cool it is.  But ChgoWiz is a local guy and I have seen his games a few times.  He is back in the Blog scene and frankly I like to hear what he has to say.

Asshat Paladins
I like this blog because it is a cool eclectic mix of things.  He covers a lot of systems and games styles and averages a new post a day.  So not too bad really.  Everything is tagged for easy reading of the archives too.

Destination Unknown
Not just a song by Missing Persons another cool, eclectic mix of things.   All sorts of topics are covered and there is even a weekly video blog entry.

Rhonin's Ramblings
Thoughts and posts of a 30+ year vet of the game scene.  Greg may be the only person I know who has played more games than me.  My DM for my current Pathfinder game (which he will post actual play reports, so you see how I do as a player.) and, hopefully, his postings on how do re-make the Marvel Universe as D&D 4 characters.

So there are just a few.
Like I said, these are ones I like.  There are a lot more.  Hopefully I'll talk about them soon too.


Aaron E. Steele said...

Thanks for pointing out Rhonin's ramblings, gonna start following that one as well.

Daddy Grognard said...

Thanks for the nod, Tim.

Ah, look at me, I'm blushing!

Shane Mangus said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tim! You nailed what I am going for with you description of Swords Against the Outer Dark. You will be quoted, sir! :-)

Rhonin84 said...

May have played more games than you? That is an understatement! Tim thanks for the shout out!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I think I have you beat in Horror games. ;) It's rare when I find a new one I have not tried.