Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orcus is mine!!

So I got my Gargantuan Orcus today! And I am ready to sick him on some players.

There is Orcus next to Aspect of Orcus and the figure I use for my paladin.  It is very cool.
I already stated up Orcus for Unisystem, and I was comparing his 3.x stats with the newer 4.0 stats and it looks like he got weaker, 3.x had less hitpoints, but more hit dice than 4.0 does.    Anyone notice this?

Anyway there was something else I noticed while taking the pictures.

Left to right: Destroyah, a little Destroyah, Aspect of Orcus, Orcus.
The sizes are just about exactly the same.  I can have a Destroyah and an Aspect of Destroyah in a game.  I think if I did that I'd go with the idea that Destroyah is female.  Orcus' mate maybe?  More like a rival demon.

BTW that 6.5 Destroyah lists for 12 bucks.  We got it for 6 at Toys R' Us.  The little Destroyah came in a pack of a bunch of Godzilla monsters.

My fellow Eden Fan, Majin Gojira, has done up Angel/Ghosts of Albion stats for Destroyah (and others) over at the Eden boards.  I have also seen 3.5 d20 stats for Destroyah, but I think these are a tad high, though in line if she was an Elder God and not a demon.  She does seem to be more in line power with the likes of Cthulhu.

Of course as I am writing this my two boys are trying figure out what they need to fight both of them.

I remember being a young munchkin too!


Rhonin84 said...

Glad I could help feed the addiction!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

It is most welcome too!

BlUsKrEEm said...

I'm a big time G-fan. It's a little shocking theat in all these years i never compared Destroya and Orcus look alike.

christian said...

Orcus is huge! I love it!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

And I just found some Pathfinder stats for him too. My players are doomed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed 4E has a lot less "hit dice"! :P

Havard: said...

Nice! I like him in Wrath of the Immortals, where he is a fully fledged Immortal. :)