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#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 5, Room 23

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The next door to the right appears to be some sort of small room. Prying the doors open is no easy feat and requires a combined strength of 30 to open. (A Knock spell will also work). 

Room 23

Looking inside there is floor some 5 feet down. The top of this shaft/room extends many feet above. The tunnel appears to be partially embedded into the rock of the cave system here. 

Going down is not difficult, there is a very thin ladder on the side that appears to run up and down the sides of the shaft. There is a trap door on the floor. Inside is a very small circular room, about 12' diameter. The floor is made of stone and there is a skeleton stuck in it about waist deep. Given how low the top of this room is from the stone "floor" the skeleton must have been standing on the true floor when the stone came into this room.

If the party climbs up, they will find that the metal material of this level is fused with the rock of the cave system. There are even partially fused bodies (skeletons) in the rock.  Some look like they were frozen where they stood.

In this area the party will encounter a Xorn (a type of Earth Elemental). It is intelligent and does not attack. It gestures to a pile of "Heat Wands" it has collected and points one of it's three arms to them and then to the party.  It then backs off. All the while saying "take" in Dwarvish.

The xorn is not interested in the party and only wants to continue gorging itself on the rare minerals of the this ship. 

If the party chooses to talk to the Xorn to find out more please offer them 1,000 XP for the idea and another 2,000 afterwards. 

The Xorn knows the following.

  • This strange structure seems to be fused into the rock. Phased though, like how it travles through rock.
  • There are areas of the fused rock/metal that even it can't move through.
  • There are all sorts of (dead) creatures trapped in the rock and have been there for centuries.
  • Some of the rocks taste really good.
  • There are strange magics all over this area and most fleshy things avoid it.
If the party instead (or later) tries to attack the xorn they get no XP bonus and the xorn just phases through a wall. 

The small room is a lift.  The lower levels of the starship are phased into the rock. Most of the upper level is as well. 

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