Friday, June 3, 2022

It's STILL June!

 I know. Redundant.  A few things.

1. I was spending some time going through old posts and I have a bunch of dead links, more or less dead pages, and the like.  So I was thinking a site redesign might be in order.  Nothing confirmed yet.

2. Have you been OUTSIDE yet?  I don't about where you are, but here in Chicagoland it is GLORIOUS! I am thinking of moving my work laptop out to my patio and working there the rest of the summer.

Hardening a few more plants

3. I have an profile now.  No idea what I am going to do there.

4. Stranger Things. Watch it. Now.

5. I promise this will get back to D&D.

6. Seriously. Go outside.


PT Dilloway said...

I like writing outside when I can, either on my Chromebook or sometimes longhand in a notebook. I've been doing it a lot more since the start of the pandemic.

JB said...

It is June in Seattle, too, but the weather has alternated between unbearably muggy and torrential downpour. ‘Course all Seattleites know summer doesn’t really start till July 5th.

Watched the first episode of Stranger Things tonight. Loved everything except the anachronisms: it should be clear to anyone that played D&D in 1986 that there was no such thing as a “rogue.” Ugh! That’s even worse than the Bangles song they played in the first season (1982). Hate those kinds of errors…always snap me right out o my “suspension of disbelief.”

Everything else was gold, however.
; )