Friday, May 7, 2021

Kickstart Your Weekend: We Got Movie Sign!

Let's Make More MST3K & Build The Gizmoplex!

MST3k Kickstarter

I am a HUGE MST3k fan.  Back in the early days of the show, my cable provider did not offer The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central.  So when I would go visit my girlfriend in the Chicago area I discovered it and was completely hooked.  Fast forward 30 years that girlfriend is now my wife and our oldest son also loves MST3k.

We watched all the VHS tapes she had made for me and now we catch it when we can on the various streaming services we have.

So yeah, you know I am excited for this one!  I loved Joel and Mike and I think Jonah has been a great new addition to the team. I am not sure who the new host is (she will appear in a couple of episodes) but I am excited. AND Joel is back for two episodes!

We are in the Final Sacrifice Countdown now!

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Dick McGee said...

I confess I prefer Rifftrax to the new show, but there's nothing wrong with having both out there.

Been watching old episodes of Sea Hunt on youtube lately and it gets a smile out of me every time Lloyd Bridges is introduced as Mike Nelson.