Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Featured Artist: Clyde Caldwell

Doing this one a day early. This one, again, might feel like a cheat, but it really isn't. Not to me anyway.

Maybe even more so than Elmore, Caldwell has been responsible for some of my all time favorite covers of D&D books and of Dragon magazine.  Between his contributions to the Mystara / Known World Gazeteers to the covers of Ravenloft products.

This one from the cover of Glantri Gazeteer is one of my absolute favorites. I have to think that the red-headed spell-caster had some influence on my own Larina.

Not from any book but I do love this image.

Now, this is from a book, the Celestial Steam Locomotive by Michael Coney, and one of my favorite books to be honest.

One of my favorite adventures.

One of my favorite covers of Dragon.

Larina certainly got her name from Laurana. I came up with her while reading the Dragonlace books.

And of course Strahd himself, from the cover of Ravenloft and Ravenloft: House on Gryphon Hil.

Great stuff really. I love his work.

You can find Clyde Caldwell on the web.


JB said...

Ugh. Caldwell is probably my LEAST favorite of the Big Three I associate with this period of art (the other two being Elmore and Parkinson, with Keith being my favorite). Back in the day, I always disliked the way he did jewelry and ornamentation; these days I find other reasons to cringe. That being said, I recognize that my taste in art is no more valid than anyone else.

Ha! My buddy Matt bought that Dragon with the ranger purely for the cover (I mean, he absolutely read NOTHING in the mag), so there's no doubt Clyde earned his money. Matt said many times later that it was his favorite issue.
; )

DarthKurt said...

Iconic art to live by, Clyde Caldwell is great !

Timothy S. Brannan said...

JB I get where you are coming from. There are some classic artists I feel are WAY overrated, but no need to bring them up here.

I also loved that Dragon, but I also read it cover to cover many times.

JB said...

@ Timothy:

I'm with you, man...I ALWAYS read the mag for the articles.
; )

Double-ugh. Forgot the two Jeffs (Easley and Butler). I guess it was more of a Big Five than a Big Three. I'm getting old...