Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons: Stranger Things Edition

I woke up and saw this on my newsfeed this morning.

So far I have only seen this at Entertainment Earth and Amazon.

But I hope my FLGS will have it.

I think it looks great, and if it can get some more people into our hobby then fantastic.
Think of all those people watching Stranger Things and wanting to get into or back into D&D.

It is for 5th edition, but that is the current edition and the one they are most likely to find things for.

This will be a good chance to try out my Zoomer archetype in a perfect setting!

NOW I have already heard cries of "selling out" may I remind you of these:

D&D has been "selling out" since the early 80s and no one was more aggressive in the pursuit of licensing agreements than Gygax himself.


XineFury said...

Eh, people don't know what "selling out" means. WOTC is a business, not some anti-establishment hipster artist. It is their job to explore various methods of promoting their product.

amezarak said...

I need some D&D puffy stickers in my life!

Mike Bridges said...

I miss my Dragonne and Hook Horror toys. Oh and Warduke. I regret not taking care of him! Never did see the coloring books at any stores back in the day. What the hell!?

Christopher B said...

Interesting concept - if it's priced similarly to the current starter set, might have to grab a copy!

JB said...

I still have my Warduke stashed away somewhere. Strongheart had his left hand chewed off by a cocker spaniel, but that just added "depth" to his grim character. That dour mustache...

I don't mind a business doing business-y things. I get irritated with the cannibalizing of classic products, misleading press releases, and poor choices in business and design.

But *this* doesn't even get a raised eyebrow from me...heck, the description of what it is sounds pretty cool. If it had conversion notes for an edition I play, I'd even be tempted to pick it up. If it gets good reviews (as an adventure), perhaps I'll buy it and do the conversion myself!

Now, what I'd like to see is a release of a product based on those super-cool mock AD&D books made for True Detective. Those look filthy awesome.
: )

Timothy S. Brannan said...

True Detective D&D would be awesome!