Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Come Endless Darkness: Adventures in Coggle

The day is getting away from me. So my post for today will have to wait.   I am playing around with a new tool today at work.  Thought I might try it as a way to map out all my D&D 5 campaigns and games.

The tool is called Coggle and it used for multi-user mind-maps and flow charts.

You can click here to see the public version.

I'll add the characters then hyper-link everything to the proper resource (DriveThru, DMsGuild, D&D Beyond).  Build it up as I go.  It's a nice organizational tool and a way for me to keep track of various items, especially characters. Had a player lose his character sheet so we recreated what we knew but said he lost all of his equipment and magic items.

I can see a lot of uses for this.


Douglas Cole said...

I use XMind, which is a similar tool, I believe. I cannot overstate the value of a relationship map/mind map in gaming. I was able to improv HOURS of unscripted interactions because I had the basics of relationships and influences worked out ahead of time. Oh, you do X? Well, Y supports that, but Z will send demon-cult worshippers to try and kill you. Oh, also the jarl has to publicly support X, but she will also try and hire bandits to stop you in the background, and then try and gain face by killing the bandits.

Instantly available at your fingertips thanks to the mind map.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Cool. I will have to check it out.