Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Star Frontiers is Back!

Back in the early 80s I flirted a lot with Sci-Fi RPGs.  I started out with Traveller, played some FASA Doctor Who and Star Trek and finally landed on TSR's Star Frontiers.
I never got to play it very much and much of the time I played it like "D&D in Space", but I still had fun and the game had a place in my heart, if not on my table very much.

Well, Star Frontiers is back in an official form Wizards of the Coast and One Book Shelf.

Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn pdf and pod
Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks
Star Frontiers: (SF AC-1) Official Character Record Sheets
Star Frontiers: (SF1) Volturnus, Planet of Mystery
Star Frontiers: (SF2) Starspawn of Volturnus

I know Star Frontiersman has always been around and they do some great work, I just never bought into their rather thin case to understoood their agreement print the rules.

EDITED: See note below about the legal agreement between Star Frontiersman and WotC.  I stand corrected.

I am really tempted to get that hardcover.  I mean really how cool would that be sitting next to my 1st Ed AD&D books?

If I wasn't so enamored with my current White Star game I would switch over.

If I get it I'll show it off when it comes in.


Dr. Theda said...

We still have the original (box and all) around here "somewhere"...

Tom Stephens said...

Actually, as the maintainer of the Star Frontiersman site, I have a written agreement with WotC to make those rules available. As does the owner of the starfrontiers.com site. There has never been any issue with us doing so.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

EXCELLENT. I did not know that. I will make a correction.

littlemute said...

Sucks the rules are really lackluster. We played this a lot as kids and the game defines “whiff fest” more than anything, I would use M-space or any other BRP instead and run the adventures.

Venger Satanis said...

Or you could always use Alpha Blue. You're guaranteed at least one PC fatality every other session... and at least a half-dozen blowjobs!

Unknown said...

Star Frontiers was one of my all time favorite games. I have everything tsr put out. I have the remastered set, and the 5e fan made edition books. I can't wait to get a group started.