Friday, January 26, 2018

Kickstart Your Weekend: Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasures

This one is probably my fault.

So earlier this week I was organizing my notes and books for my "Secret Castles & Crusades" project (coming to you soon).  And I was working through all my monsters.  I have the hardcovers, but I also print out my PDFs to organize my material/thoughts and scribble notes on them.

Then back on Monday Troll Lords posted this.

I showed them my pictures of my binder, talked about how much I want every monster in one book and now here we are.

Ok, in truth they were planning on reprinting the book anyway, but now there is a three-ring binder option.

If you are a fan of Castles & Crusades then this is a must buy!


Davis said...

But we were not planning on a huge monstrous volume. That comes down to community encouragement. What i will lay on your shoulders is the binder. That being said, since you use one, is there any direction you can give us to make it more useful or at least reduce potential pitfalls? Trying to make it best for all.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Most of my advice will increase the cost. Here are a few:
- Vinyl binders instead of cardboard alone. I know they are much more expensive but they hold up better.
- package the sheets in shrink wrap. Put a bit of cardboard of other packing material inside the bind so it does not get crushed in shipping.

Low cost ideas:
- On the flash drive have a form-fillable blank Monster sheet PDF so CKs can create their own monsters and print them out. Make the file read only so they can save the data under a different name.
- If you have the binders at Gen Con create a special Gen Con only monster to be added to the binder. Print out a couple thousand copies. Make it something unique.

Monster sheets then can be a quick and easy sell on OneBookshelf too. A handful for a buck.

Zudrak (Michael G.) said...

Awesome stuff here. I do not have the coin to support the KS but I will spread the word where I can. C&C saved my game in 2005 when 3e nearly burned me out.

/waves to Davis