Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Strange Brew: Warlocks

I am interrupting this A to Z Challenge to talk about my newest book. The first part of "Strange Brew" is now out.  This book features Warlocks for the Pathfinder game.

Strange Brew: Warlock


Sorcerers are born into it. Wizards spend their lives in rigorous study for it. Witches gain it through devotion to their patron. But some who seek power are unlucky enough to have been born mortal, with no access to or desire for arcane education; ordinary people who know little of witchcraft’s ancient traditions. Unlike witches, who are called by their patrons, warlocks seek out powerful beings to grant them the power they crave or desperately need.

That power can now be in your hands.

Included in these 30 pages is the new Warlock class for the Pathfinder RPG.

  • Also inside are new rules on Grimoires, the ancient and living texts of warlocks.
  • Details on new warlock pacts, including unique powers and spells.
  • Examples of several new warlock Patrons.
  • New feats
  • New hexes
  • New spells
  • And a new warlock NPC

All for your Pathfinder Role-Playing Game!


betty said...

Good luck with the book; sounds interesting!

thanks for visiting and blitzing me!


goeticgeek said...

I'm a bit confused about this product. The Kickstarter promised "A full-color hardback Pathfinder OR C&C book on witches and warlocks, with spells, ritual magic, patrons, covens, and familiars." This is not that product. Is the content being released in parts? What's is the plan here?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

It is still the plan to send out a full book with everything. At least that is the last I heard from the publisher.

We are sending out these pieces so people can also have the content when it is done.

This way people are actually going to get a little bit more than originally promised.

Unknown said...

So when you say warlock, do you mean like a invocations at will warlock or just a special name for a caster type. the quick preview looked like it had a spells per day, though in 5e they added that to warlocks and kept the at will eldritch blast.