Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another "Witch" Kickstarter!

So we are in the last week (or so) of my Strange Brew Kickstarter.

But while I was out advertising it I noticed this other kickstarter.

Fantasy Miniatures by Minx Studio

This one is for miniatures.  So if you play Pathfinder then you are going to need some minis.
If you get my Pathfinder witch book then you are going to need some witch minis.

Well they have one and it is one of their stretch goals.

Here are some great pics of the sculpt.

The "Magic" characters look pretty awesome too. The Sorceress, Druid, Wizard and Clerics would work very nicely for my book as well.

So check them out. These minis look awesome and I REALLY want that witch!  Frankly I love witches with pointy hats.  So make me happy, pledge for us both.


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