Monday, December 30, 2013


Just a quick one, still out and on the road.

What do you all think about warlock classes?

I know of a number of different ones, AS&SH, D&D4 and others.  What are your favorite ones and why?

More on this in a bit.


Pun Isaac said...

I never cared for the 3.5 version, not sure why.

I loved the 4th edition version, both the standard and hexblade. I also enjoyed they idea that they took the shortcut to power.

Those are the only warlocks I have experience with.

Mildra said...

tbh, the warlock version in 3.5 felt like a poor man's sorcerer that didn't know what it was trying to accomplish. The Infernalist in fantasycraft is somewhat better, but that's an advanced class and so I won't count it for the purposes of this.

4e is the only case i've seen where warlocks are really trying to strike their own niche, though I prefer the standard over the hexblade (especially since it ties into the backgrounds for tieflings in 4e).

Most other versions i've seen suffer from feeling too much like a wizard with a gimmick.