Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Poll

I have set up a new poll, the first of a few.  I want to get a better idea what games everyone is playing.

This first pool is a simple D&D Editions one.  Your choices are:

*D&D (B, 1, 2) or Retro-Clone (Original up to 2nd Ed, all clones fit here.)
D&D 3.x/Pathfinder
D&D 4
D&D 5/Next

You may choose multiple choices. Even that gives me some information.
You can expand on your choices here if you like.  I am not interested at the moment in what you are *not* playing, but what you are playing.

The *D&D/Retro-Clone category is huge. Yes. But I am going to split that one out later.

So have it!  Tell me what you are playing.


Brett Slocum said...

Aha! First!

I'm playing "D&D or Retro-Clone". A great old-school S&W game.

Darnizhaan said...

AD&D 1st Edition

Anonymous said...

Pathfinder in a homebrewn sandbox.

Anonymous said...
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John Feldman said...

AD&D/Labyrinth Lord AEC

Wolvercote said...


Mildra said...

D&D 4e and FantasyCraft (not sure if I wanna count that as a modded 3.5 for the purposes of this list).

Erik Talvola said...

About to start AD&D 1e or something close (OSRIC or LL maybe) with my kids...

Doctor Futurity said...

Pathfinder (one weekly and one bi-weekly game) and 13th Age bi-weekly.

fauxcrye said...

D&D 4e (entering 4th year of ongoing campaign)


CoC (quarterly reduced rules "seasonal" one-shots)

Savage Worlds (random one-shots and Solomon Kane plots)

Logan said...

I would say 3.x as MicroLite 20 mixed with some Barbarian of Lemuria elements fits most.

And CoC..

Fabio Milito Pagliara said...

retro-clone with house rule, mostly somewhere between AD&D 1st and rules-cyclopedia

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Cool thanks so much everyone.

I am going to run this poll for a bit.

R.J. Thompson said...

AD&D and Clone: Specifically:

Castles & Crusades (weekly)

Swords & Wizardry (regularly)

LotFP (as often as I can)

DCC (occasionally)