Monday, August 13, 2012

D&D Next next playtest packet

The next playtest packet is out for D&D5 (I still hate calling it "Next").

There is a lot more material including character generation (novel concept you ROLL for your abilities) which already has some of the newer guard complaining.  Though there is the standard array.

First thoughts:
- I like the monster write-ups.  They are simple and easy to read and can summarized in a module easy.
- Character creation is really fast, as it should be.
- Some feats now seem to be maneuvers, which I like.
- Classes focus on the Big 4.
- Backgrounds and skills together. This is an improvement over 4e since you can now play that kid just off the moisture farm.
- I can see Witch as being a Specialty of a Wizard.  This reminds me a lot of the 2nd Ed Kits.
- Races are the other Big 4.

All in all I see the strands of DNA from every edition of D&D here.
I will buy this game, I am not sure if I'll play it much but who knows.


Rhonin84 said...

I did like some of what I you mentioned I can see bits and pieces of every edition of the game. I can also see that they are making stat bumps a lot easier to attain. I will be playing around with this a lot more tomorrow but I am beginning to like what is offered...

I am not fully convinced it saves the bacon of the game but I like what is coming out of the kitchen a lot more than the last meal that was prepared in there!

Hamel™ said...

They made humans a tastier race, giving them a bigger stat boost.

I am planning to play a Holy Fighter and see how it works. :D

Rhonin84 said...

Pre-Gens are a mess!! They are not consistent with the rules we downloaded...sheesh haven't seen that before.

I have posted on the board and will await Rip to wake me up when an answer comes across. ;)