Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Links

It is the Friday before Gen Con.  While I am gearing up for some serious vacation time coming to me. I figure I'll send you out some link today.

First off, David from There's Dungeons Down Under is back, at least for 1 post.

Kenzer & Co are giving away HackMaster Basic for free!  Crazy I know.

The Kickstarter for Band of Zombies for All Flesh Must Be Eaten has 21 days left to go. Get in on the Zombie WWII goodness.  This promises to be a great book.

My boys and I have decided to start our 1st Ed AD&D game at Gen Con.  Seems fitting and I don't have to haul all my minis and maps with me.
But to do that I need character sheets.  While I have one of each type of the original AD&D sheets left, I didn't want to use them.  Good thing we have the Mad Irishman and his collection of RPG Sheets.

Happy Friday everyone!


The Happy Whisk said...

Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said... least for 1 post

Sarky bugger, but a fair cop, thanks Tim. :-)

Unknown said...
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