Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini D&D books

Yesterday some of you asked me about the mini-D&D books I had on my shelves.  They are really cool and I picked them about 10-12 years ago (it was before my kids were born I know that).

They were made by WotC and some Italian game company.
The info I have, from the box, is 21st Century Games, S.r.l. and they are located in Italy.  I cna't find anything about them. Every so often you see them on Ebay and generally not too expensive.

They are small and really hard to read, but I really like them.

The three boxed sets  I own.  There was a Dragonlance one and a Realms one, but I did not get those.  I think my FLGS still has the Realms one.

It is blury, but you can see the sets are complete, minus dice and the "Gateway to Adventure" catalog.

For an idea of scale here are my two Expert Sets.

And the expert books.

Even the backs are detailed.  Even though they were made by (or at least for) WotC, all the info is TSR.

The Greyhawk boxed set is the coolest since the maps are portable.

Here are the books I got.  I have heard there were more, but I have never been able to confirm that.

Compared to their "big brothers".

Anyone else have these?


Digital Orc said...

I've never seen these before, but now that I have, I wonder if they influenced Raggi when he formatted LotFP.

Unknown said...

I have the teeny-tiny Fiend Folio.

James said...

I'd buy the WoG for just the maps! :)

Knightsky said...

I've seen the versions of the AD&D 1st ed hardbacks - I was a given a copy of the Legends & Lore book as an Xmas gift - but I had never even heard of the basic D&D versions or the WoG set... which I now want badly, and envy you greatly.

Sully said...

Back in high school I picked up the Dragonlance set. Now I have to go find them and enjoy all over again!

Alex Osias said...

To quote a well-known actor: Whoa.

Timothy Paul Schaefer said...

These are indeed cool. I have the Basic Set, Expert Set, and four of the books.
I watch eBay for these things. I very rareley see the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide or Monster Manual.
If anyone knows where they may be available please let me know. It's difficult to search for them on the internet. As far as I know they don't have an ISBN and any search I try mixes them in with the regular sized editions.

Martin R. Thomas said...

The first I ever heard of these was your post from yesterday when I saw them in your picture of the new OD&D white box you'd picked up.

Thanks for sharing all this info and these pictures. These look very fun.

justoneshouting said...

Sorry for the necro-post but you missed a few mini sets:
Menzoberranzan Boxed Set
Elminster's Ecologies MiniBoxed Set
Dark Sun MiniBoxed Set
Dragonlance MiniBook
Dragonlance MiniModules Vol.1 DL1-DL8
Dragonlance MiniModules Vol.2 DL9-DL16