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New Witch Magic items, Protection items

In most games witches and wizards seriously lack anything like melee skills and protection.  This actually does not make much sense.  I see the logic in not allowing them to wear armor; there is the training needed to wear it properly and the interference with movements, but if you are going into a situation where arrows, claws and swords are all around you and often pointing at you then I think you would come up with some ways to better protect yourself.

Well the witches in my books typically do.  They create a variety of magic items that look like regular bits of clothing that can provide protection of one form or another. I have taken a lot of these from fairytales, legends and other places.

I am releasing these under the OGL, but they should be fine for any version of the "world's oldest fantasy role-playing game".  All content is open and is copyright 2011 Timothy S. Brannan.  Art copyrights are retained by their owners and are used here by permission (the broom) or public domain (hand of glory).

Broom of Protection: This broom appears to be an ordinary witch’s besom or other mundane broom. It’s magic is revealed when the witch uses it to sweep.
This broom provided protection as a Sanctuary spell when the witch sweeps a clockwise circle around herself and others. The effects last five rounds and may be repeated 3d6 times.

Broom of Protection, Threshold: This broom also appears as a normal broom. It’s magic is evident when placed across a door as a bar or propped up against a door to hold it closed. Once so placed the door cannot be opened save via magic. If placed across a threshold where there is no door then no one can pass through also save via magic or by making a save vs. Rods, Staves and Wands (or a Will save).

Charm Bracelet: This silver chain is worn on the wrist and has a number of metal charms attached. The number of charms, 1 to 4, indicates the level of protection the bracelet will provide. So 1 charm is +1 to AC and Saves, 2 charms are +2 to AC and Saves and so on.

Charm Bracelet, Luck: This silver chain appears to be a charm bracelet, but instead of providing protection directly it provides a +1 to any one roll. The number of times it can be used in a day is indicated by the number of charms, 1d6. The luck bonus must be announced before the roll is made. It may only provide a single +1 bonus per use.

Cingulum: This nine-foot long cord in often wrapped many times around the waist as a belt. Magical varieties confer +1 to +5 bonuses to AC. The material to make this cord maybe anything the witch has on hand (leather, hemp rope, cotton, silk) but the manufacture must be of high quality. The cingulum typically has a number of knots equal to its bonuses. The magic does not become active till it is wrapped around the waist and knotted.

Garters are bits of clothing, usually cloth or leather, but can be made of more exotic materials such as snake skin, used to hold up a pair of stockings or socks. Some garters are also worn without supporting any other item of clothing or on the arm. Only one garter may be worn per appendage.

Garter of Protection, Red: This garter is almost always red. It confers a natural armor protection of +1 to +5. Normally worn on the upper arm this garter is made of the finest leather available.

Garter, Snakeskin: This garter is made of the recently shed skin of a large snake (less than 24 hours old). The skin is treated and infused with the witch’s magic. The end product is a bright snakeskin garter that allows the wear to escape any bonds as if they had escape of the snake cast on them.

Hand of Glory: This was a right hand of a murderer that was severed while the corpse was still hanging from the gallows. This mummified human hand hangs by a leather cord around a character’s neck (taking up space as a magic necklace would). When the hand was ready, candles were fitted on it between the fingers. These were called the “dead man’s candles” were made from another murderer’s fat, with the wick being made from his hair. Another method of curing the severed and dried hand was to dip it in wax. After this process the fingers themselves could be lit. If a magic ring is placed on one of the fingers of the hand, the wearer benefits from the ring as if wearing it him or herself, and it does not count against the wearer’s two-ring limit. The hand can wear only one ring at a time.
Even without a ring, lighting the hand itself allows its wearer to use daylight and see invisibility each once per day.
The following phrase is spoken to invoke the hand:

“Let those who rest, more deeply sleep;
Let those awake their vigils keep.
Oh, Hand of Glory, shed thy light
And guide us to our spoil tonight.”

Mantel of Protection: This leather mantle can be worn over cloaks, coats or armor. It provides +1 protection to AC and a -1 bonus to saving throws.

Oil of Death Armor: This oil is rubbed onto the user’s body. Anyone touching the user with bare skin must save vs. Death or take 2d4 points of damage (save negates). This spell lasts a number of rounds equal to 2d6. Many Patrons could consider use of this potion evil.

Sky Clad Oil: This oil is rubbed on the body to protect the user from the elements while sky-clad (nude). The oil is only effective on bare skin. The user can survive temperatures of -60 degrees to +200 degrees Fahrenheit, but only when uncovered. Any part of her body covered by clothes will not receive the magical protection.
Any other class can use this oil, but witches are very secretive about its nature (reflected in the price). This oil can also be safely used with any other type of body potion or oil, in particular Flying Ointment.
The oil’s effects last 6 hours, typically midnight till dawn.

Talismans are small items that can have any spell of third level or lower. The talisman can be made of paper, wood, clay or even metal. Often they are worn and kept till evoked. To evoke a talisman takes only an instant and the effects are instant. The command word or gesture to evoke the talisman is often inscribed on the talisman itself.
Unless otherwise noted a talisman can only be used once.

Hand of Fatima: A small brass talisman in the shape of a hand. Provides protection against any evil spell or spell like effect directed at the wearer, in particular the evil eye. These talismans may only be used once per day.

Isis’ Talisman of Protection: This talisman confers a +1 protection bonus to saves and AC. Effects last as per level of creator. This talisman is usually in the form of a fine crafted gold ahnk. These talismans may only be used once per day.

Talisman of Good Luck: This talisman is one of the most often found. This minor magic item provides +1 to any single roll. The talisman must be invoked before the action is taken (before the roll is made).
Typically luck talismans are in the form of a four-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe or a copper coin. Any other small item maybe use. The item is not consumed in the invocation, but it useless after the first use.

Talisman of Protection Against Conception: Even in historical times there were means of birth control practiced, this is one of the magical ones. Worn by tantric witches during their worship practices, witches during the rites of Beltane or any woman that wishes to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.
The talisman provides protection for one full lunar month (one moon phase to the next) then it becomes inert. This is if the talisman is used or not.
Mundane (non magical) pregnancies are completely blocked and magical ones (via a fertility spell) give a +1 to any saves.
Since they only last one month regardless of if it is used or not the materials are often not the highest quality. Also an owner can return to the witch to have the talisman “recharged” at the same price.
Note: A lot of these talismans are sold that are completely useless. Only the witch’s reputation, or the ability to detect magic, can one be sure. In places where witchcraft. is outlawed possession of these talismans is also considered a crime.

"Witch Protection Items", Copyright 2011 Timothy S. Brannan


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Very nice. Good idea and solid execution!

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And with a couple of magic clicks, it's all transformed into a useful PDF. Cheers, Tim.

Will these all appear eventually in your OSR Witch book?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Yes they will.. That and much more.

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That's so at the top of my "wish list" right now. Thanks!

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Nice work as usual. Some really evocative ideas there.