Thursday, June 23, 2011


WotC is running their "favorites of the lat 400 issues Dragon" still and one of the ones popping up today is one of my faves from issue #100, Dragonchess.

Gary Gygax, a well known chess fan, created Dragonchess.  You can read about it on Wikipedia, or if youhave that DDi thing, then read about it in Dragon #400.  So interesting background from Kim Mohan is included too.

My DM back in High School made a Dragonchess board.  He used plexiglass and painted a bunch of chess pieces and bits from other games for all the pieces.  The paint was still drying when we played our first game, which took all of our D&D time I recall.

Might need to show this one to my kids too.  They love chess.

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