Saturday, June 18, 2011

Been Caught Stealin': Free RPG Day

In case your forgot today is (was) Free RPG Day.   Took the boys to my our favorite local game store and here is our haul.

We each got two things, the limit.  But it is a good set of things.

I might use them all together.  No idea yet.
They are all high quality products.  The DragonAge one is the thickest, the D&D and Pathfinder ones are full color, DCC really does look very, very old school, only with better production values.
The AFMBE one (the only non-D&Dish thing here) is really fun of course.
The d10 is also very nice to have.

All are intro adventures so not really good for the Dragonslayers at this point, but when we start up again with 4e I can certainly use them.


Pun Isaac said...

I hit two shops today and picked up We Be Goblins (which I can't wait to run), Domains of Dread: Histhaven, The Waking Dead, and Black Crusade: Broken Chains. I don't play 40K, but I do like to read the rpg's based off it.

scottsz said...

Also had a nice haul today.

I got an 'intro' and a sourcebook for Mutants and Masterminds, as well as a WoD adventure. No d10, though.

I was pretty surprised at the quality of production in everything.

Knightsky said...

Picked up the DCC, AFMBE, and Dragon Age quickstarts.

(also got a copy of Worlds of the Dead for AFMBE for 60% off - woo hoo!)

christian said...

Nice score, everyone!

DMWieg said...

Holy crap...something from Eden?!
Dammit, now I wish I had gone...

Narmer said...

How could I have forgotten about this?!? (Facepalm)

Dave McKay said...

Wasn't Free RPG Day great! My son and I were able to get the Q-Workshop dice at our FLGS, but there was no d10 or d20. We did end up with two d4's though... Would you be willing to help a brother out and make a trade? I'll give you the d4 and some D&D Minis for the d10. Deal? Please, please, please email me... (And, if you know of any way to get a d20 to complete the set, that would be awesome!!!) Thank you!