Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Like Alexander, I weep...

My FLGS is having their next auction in March.  It is a great time to go and get some games that you didn't buy when they were new, buy games cheap or even pick up something you have never heard of before.

Last October I went to the auction and got some really awesome deals (see here and here).  The trouble is that my successes have been so good of late, both at the auctions and finding books online and at cons, that I have nothing I want to buy anymore.

Zip. Zilch.  Nothing.

I have hundreds of books, thousands of PDFs and who know how many printed out play-test documents.
If there is a game out there, chances are I have or didn't want it.

Sure I am missing a lot of Star Wars books, need more Traveler and could always expand my Star Frontiers library a bit.  But none of those are "needs" or even "wants" at this point.

So I sit on my mountain of books and weep over lands I can never conquer again.
Or something like that, till the next new thing excites me.

When is D&D 5 due out again? ;)


Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Here's a hint... go with miniatures. You'll never have enough.

*evil chuckle*

Actually... I'm limiting myself to not buying anymore miniatures. I was looking for biblical archers, and I would have went to the auction for that, but I may have that taken care of. So perhaps I'll look to getting a bit of terrain.

Pun Isaac said...

I'm at a similar crossroads. There are games that I wouldn't mind having, but I've got copies of everything that's a must have.

Now I just anxiously sit and wait for any knew M&M 3E/DC Adventures material (GR or 3rd Party).

I agree about miniatures. Eventhough they aren’t necessary I’ve been snatching up ones I can use in my supers games (as well as Heroclix, I’ve been a clix man since the early Mage Knight days).

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I was at Games Plus last night and almost picked up one the dragons they have there by the register.

Minis are great.

Rhonin84 said...

Champions 6th edition, all the books so far...if you have those...you've been holding out on me.