Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wikipedia, Wikia and D&D

Once upon a time I a was a huge contributor to Wikipedia.  I'd edit articles, save them from deletion and generally improve them.  I spent a lot of time researching material and I even helped get a few articles to Good and Featured status.

The trouble is it is an uphill battle against the deletionists; people that want to remove anything from Wikipedia that didn't fit with their often narrow view of what should be in an encyclopedia.  I have locked horns with people on personal crusades (often self admitted) to remove content of a certain type.  There are the anti-porn crusaders that want to delete all articles regarding porn actresses and I have lost a few battles with them.  There was also the guy that took it upon himself to delete all articles on D&D because, well, we were never really clear on that, but he had a single mindedness of it that spoke of some personal hatred (as someone that has a  psych degree and spent a few years working as professional psychologist I am comfortable to make that claim).  He was ultimately banned from Wikipedia because he was a dick.

But now the deletionists are at it again.  I lost an article I spent a lot of time on last month and now another one is up.  Frankly I don't have the desire to fight them anymore.

The article in question is the one on Glasya,

So instead I am looking for other places for D&D related articles.  Wikipedia was a great resource for pop culture but it's effectiveness is soon going to ground to a halt by factions within the site itself.

There are a few other D&D-related Wikis out there.  Here are the ones I know off and have contributed to in the past.
I am sure there are more.  It would be nice to have a couple places to go for research.

In the mean-time as D&D articles get deleted I'll try to find new homes for them elsewhere.


Aaron E. Steele said...

Sad about Wikipedia. That;s one of the problems with the wiki model. They really should lock the material down, and ask specialists to moderate particular pages.

Love your blog header by the way, one of my favorite Todd Lockwood B&W illustrations.

migellito said...

a. Thank you for your hard work on Wikipedia while you were able to do it. Knowledge is an awesome cause, but it seems there is always someone wanting to turn the heat up to 451.

b. Thanks for those DnD wiki links - awesome!

c. Here is wiki I use a lot while running my OD&D Eberron:

Narmer said...

This is unfortunate. I do, however, like the term "deletionists". Or perhaps they are "delitists".

scottsz said...

Kudos to you for your efforts at Wikipedia.

Wikipedia, as an organization, should have a flat, no-exceptions policy on biographical entries.

No person should be removed from an encyclopedia.