Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Would you like an "A" or 100 XP?

So rarely do my roles as father, educator and gamer collide as well as they have this night.

I have been working with my sons all summer long on doing extra reading, math and writing.  Yes this is what it is like when you are a teacher's kid.

I know motivation is low for school work, especially in the summer and especially when it comes to writing.  But tonight I offered my boys a deal.

For every paragraph they write about their characters they will get 100 XP.  If they do a whole page then they get 500 XP.  If they can write a good story and tell me something about their character then we consider it "true" , even if that means he gets a new magic item.

We will see how it will go.


christian said...

As a fellow educator and father, I think that's an awesome plan. :)

Anonymous said...

As a fellow educator and not father (yet) your idea is brilliant and I will post on my blog about it (with linkage). Way to go.