Friday, July 30, 2010

Ghosts of Albion and Gen Con

Good News, Bad News.

Let's do the bad first.
There will not be any copies of the Ghosts of Albion core rulebook at Gen Con afterall. 
To say I am disapointed is putting it rather mildly.  I am going to withhold my frustration about this, well, because I should.

I wish there was more to say on that, but there isn't.

Ok. Lets do the good news now.

I would LOVE to run another pickup game of Ghosts of Albion: Obession or even Blight if anyone wants to join me.  I am not sure what my bandwidth is going to be like, but I really would like to do this.

So.  If you are going to Gen Con and want to play and didn't get into the scheduled times, please email me at and put "Ghosts" in your subject.  If I get enough people I'll run it.

Frankly. I am not sure I will be running Ghosts at Gen Con after this.  So this might be your last chance.


Rhonin84 said...

Gee what a surprise at this..once again a book that has been done for as long as it has been done AND released in PDF form will not be ready for GenCon! I would say that this is the straw that has broken the camels back BUT that already happened long ago! I understand that things happen but the time for this book to have been printed is long past and really the relevance of it has been lost, I won't be purchasing anything else from Eden...not that there really has been anything in the last..what two years possibly longer.

GoA is a good book and the author went to a lot of work and research to get the little things right...except for whom to do business with!! Tim, good luck and I hope that this works out somehow for you down the road, or heck maybe the stranglehold that George has on it could be released and you could find someone else to print it but with three to four other Victorian Age books out there right now, the pickings I'm sure are slim.

George, you really did a nice number on this one, I have a copy that I have in a nice binder and I guess that will be all I will ever get!!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Thanks Greg. I appreciate your words. My disappointment is pretty high right now.

Lisa Padol said...

I've got the pdf, at least, and I got into the Friday run of Obsession.

Gaming Ronin said...

since I cant go to gen con I guess that part doesn't really matter to me as much. But I would like a copy in my hand as soon as possible.

I imagine its disappointing to you tim. Sorry to hear the news. Eden is in my top 5 favorite companies. And every one in my top 10 has been falling pretty short on deadlines lately. But then again I'm sure being small press is rough.