Monday, July 26, 2010

GEN CON Ghosts of Albion: Obsession

Ghosts of Albion: Obsession is the big game I am running at Gen Con this year.

Here are the details from the registration site:

There is trouble at the Plough Street Theatre. The Times reports that authorities have found the strangled body of prominent actress and performer, Miriam White. However Miss White has herself commented to The Times that she is in fact alive and well and has been seen not only on stage, but having lunch with her manager just outside the theatre.
You are requested by James V. Harold, owner of the Plough Street Theatre to discreetly investigate this matter.

The schedule is:

RPG1008374 Obsession 08/05/2010 08:00:00 Crowne Plaza, room Hay Market A, table 6
RPG1008375 Obsession 08/06/2010 08:00:00 Crowne Plaza, room Hay Market A, table 6

So if you are playing in this game (there are 16 of you now, maybe even more) then here are some files for you to download and print out.
Any player that brings these to the game will get a free Drama Point for their character!

First, the Letter to the Cast from James V. Harold, esq. Owner, Proprietor and Manager of the Plough Street Theatre.

Next, the Playbill for this evening's performance of Miriam "Mim" White.

And for later in the investigations, two newspaper clippings sent to you by Mr. Harold,


Looking forward to this!

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Anonymous said...

Looks very exciting. Wish I was not working so that I could give it a shot. Have fun.