Tuesday, April 20, 2010

iPad for gaming. Not yet for me.

I have blogged about my love for tech in the past. I raved about my HP laptop till it died on me recently. So today I get to try something new. An iPad.

It it about the size of the old TRS-80 palm top. Which is kind of cool really. The screen is really nice and typing is not too bad. typing got faster towards the end. Logging in to blogger was easy.

But...well the rich-text/HTML editor is flaky, same as my phone. Logging into DrivethruRPG was a pain and I could not download any books. Oh and I had to completely mess with my router to even do this little.

Without network it is little more than a big iPod with no music.

I was really excited about this thing too, but right now I can't recommend it at all. At least not right now. There are not a lot of reasons to bring this to game table.

I guess I'll need to wait for the Google tablet.


Anonymous said...

I consider myself a Mac person and I'm replying from a MacBook Pro but the iPad keeps making me think of this:


Timothy S. Brannan said...

I like the way it looks and feels I really have need/desire for a piece of tech like this. But just not this one. yet.

Maybe 3rd generation.

Anonymous said...

iPad was a great idea that is (sadly) hampered by the closed Apple Environment. In an effort to provide user experience it is more a media consumption device than a media creation device. I'm resting my hopes and dreams on the HP slate to allow me the ability to do all the things I want. (crosses fingers)

Anonymous said...


I picked mine up the first weekend. I've been holding out for a digital e-reader until apple did something.
I'm super happy with ibook and good reader for my PDFs - I have all the Pathfinder materials in the palm of my hand. As a bonus - I downloaded a couple of games and some productivity stuff. For in game I picked up DMs Tracker, Quick roll and Dicenomicon. I am looking forward to iPad versions of one or more of these.

I have heard of issues with the wi-fi but mine synced up right away. It's a little weird loading PDFs since it doesn't operate like a hard drive but, I have bookmarks now and it's a 3 minute operation now.

What can't you do with it that you were hoping to?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I think I need to play with it some more.

My expectations are based on what I can do with my laptop now.

So there is a learning curve to be sure.

Cross Planes said...

Tim, download GoodReader for iPad. It was only 99 cents. It makes interfacing with drivethrurpg much easier & allows you to mount the iPad as a HD. I didn't expect to enjoy my gaming PDFs on the iPad (I just wanted a netbook & E Reader in one), but GoodReader does an amazing job.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

sounds great! I will try that out.