Monday, April 26, 2010

How do you "cure" a vampire?

Tossing this out to the universe.

How do you cure a Vampire?

I my games (mostly D&D, but also Unisystem ones) there is no cure per se other than the final one, death.

But a situation has come up in game and I would like to find a cure for a vampire.  I'll give you some background specifics, but I want to find something that is more or less universal.

I have a vampire, and she has killed and taken blood.  Lets also assume she has lived past her normal life span.  So for a human she would be well over 100 years old by now, even if she still looks like she is in her 20s.

I would like it to be some sort of ritual.  Something to renew her mind, body and soul.  And preferably involving water somewhere (because of it's "purity") and sunlight.

Assume system-neutral. So high fantasy D&D, anime BESM or modern supernatural Unisystem; it should work regardless of magic levels in the game.



Tim Knight said...

If you take the Whedonverse approach that vampires are basically humans with demons inside them - surely some form of powerful exorcism ritual would drive it out, leaving her body as it is to continue her life from where she left off, but presumably haunted by all the hideous things she did as a creature of the night.

Ed Healy said...

Assuming the candidate is willing...

(1) Have her fast for two days, to purify her body of the taint of her last feast.

(2) Have her meditate for a third day, focusing her mind as her body is further purified from lack of feasting, her vampiric nature warring within her even as it grows weak.

In games with a religious bent, you could take Flea's idea and add an exorcism here as well.

(3) Have her be ritually immersed in water, preferably a stream or river with fast-flowing water. This will drive out her vampiric nature, but she is not free yet.

(4) Have her feast with friends, families, etc. Thus, turning her back on her former sustenance, her vampiric nature will be removed.

NOTE: I'd still treat her like an addict. Give her a drawback that helps drive drama and new stories. Maybe she's prone to blood lust (of the battle or sensual kind), or maybe she can't eat raw meat without getting violently ill. Speak with the Player and come up with something that will be fun to play.

Anonymous said...

It does entirely depend on what a vampire is in the setting. However, as an embodiment of the predator, I think any ritual must involve some symbolic renunciation of that role.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Great ideas guys! I had some comments on Facebook too and of course from my go to person in all of these sorts of things; my wife.

I'll post a follow up here in day or so.

Simon J. Hogwood said...

It's not very ritualistic, but you might find some inspiration from the vampire cure in "Daybreakers", which involved (spoilers follow) exposure to sunlight while submerged in water. Perhaps some kind of baptism allusion can be made . . .

Cipher the 3vil said...

I hope I'm not to late for you, but you said D&D right ? the Cleric has the spells: "atonement" (spell level 5) there is also "Awaken Undead" (spell level 6)if the character lost its INT to become a blood crazed vamp. "Spark of Life" (spell level 7) to get rid of all Undead traits and generally get the creature Living again, except for looks cast on an object the Vamp can wear "Permanency" on that to make it a Amulet of Permanent Spark of Life or something like that. and THEN I forget the name of the spell but there is a spell to transfer effects from an item to yourself or another, use that to transfer the Permanent spark of life to the vamp. The Vamp is no longer undead, is good, has its full intelligence back along with memories since its no longer undead it no longer needs to "feed" the creature will still have other Vampire effects however. like bonuses and vulnerability to sunlight. SO now for the Sunlight !
Night's Mantle, page 187 in Lords of Darkness supplement Use Night's mantle as with Spark of life to give the vamp immunity to sunlight.

or if the Vamp in question IS a sorcerer or wizard capable of using such spells:
Semblance of Life is a level seven Sor/Wiz spell.

that about covers everything.. the Vamp will still have the powers and pretty much all Positive effects of Vampirism without the Negatives..

Technically its not a vampire.. while at the same time not a vampire.. LoL idk wtf I'm saying.

BUT now your "vamp" looks human, acts human, walks in sunlight like a human, thinks like a human except for the memories it still retains from its blood sucking unlife, what more do you need ?