Saturday, November 14, 2009

Google Wave

I am now on Google Wave!  Not yet sure what I will do with it but there are plenty of things I can do with my day job for it and I have heard of plenty of RPG applications.

I'll keep you all posted.  Maybe I'll run some Ghosts of Albion games on it.


chris b said...

At my college we use a different tool for working on our projects online.
Its free and needs no installation since its online, go to
pretty useful for me since i usually do my projects on the laptop. -chrisman

neuronphaser said...

Just got on Wave myself and I'm honestly underwhelmed with it's current state, but the vision for the future is VERY bright indeed. Especially for gaming.

I can't imagine gaming in play-by-post style. I'd need everyone there "live" (virtually, of course), but at the same time, PBP is probably a LOT easier under Wave than it is in most other forums. So much more visually attractive when you can plop in web pages and combat maps and stuff.

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