Monday, June 29, 2009

Witch Girls Adventures + WitchCraft RPG = Crazy Delicious!

I know I said I would not do this, I even warned against such things in my own review of WGA. But yet there it is, taunting me.

WitchCraft RPG (from Eden Studios) and Witch Girls Adventures (from Chanel M) would really work nice together. Both cover a lot of the same ground and both have similar backgrounds, worlds and ideas. Both books/games use many of the same tropes and world views. So merging them seems to be a no brainer. BUT, I fear that the essential spirit of both games are sacrificed in a merge, but I can see this:

Use the Witch Girls Adventures book to help shape how young gifted fit into the world of WitchCraft. Use WitchCraft to help decide how the adults work in WGA. And Witch Girls provides something that WitchCraft lacks; a way and a means of dealing with the children of the gifted/supernaturals.

Are the "Fear the Witchspiracy" groups nothing more than a Combine training-camp? Could I break the Insider and Sorcerer Cliques down into "Wicce" and "Rosicrucian"?

One thing I am sure of, translations between the two games is pretty easy.
Witch Girl Adventures / Drama Dice System
WitchCraft RPG / Unisystem

Attribute costs are roughly equal. WGA "Other Attibutes" add up to about the same as attribute costs for Gifted Attributes. Though the attributes don't exactly line up to each other; WGA has more mental attributes for example and only one physical to WitchCraft's three of both. I am not worried so much about actual numbers here, only what "feels right".

Mundanes are Mundanes in both games. Though Witch Girl Adventures does not have a "lesser gifted" at all though. Maybe Lesser Gifted could be the same as "Outsiders" with their Magic Die dropped to a d4 or d6 and given them an extra mundane skill at rank 2. I suppose that it should be noted that even some Mundanes in WGA have Magic at d4.

My quick look tells me that powerwise, a 14 year-old witch in WGA is more powerful than a 14-year old Wicce in Witchcraft. But they also live in different worlds. I would need some sort of way to "normalize" the world for both to really see. To that end I am going to re-tool my Generation HEX project a bit and try running it under WGA for a while. I have tried it under Unisystem, Mutants & Masterminds and even True 20. So what is one more system, really?

Lots of things to consider really, I just wish I had to time to do all of this, my writing and all the other stuff I need to do.

In the mean time, here are some links.

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