Sunday, June 28, 2009

Doctor Who RPG

My friend the The Acrobatic Flea over at Hero Press is discussing the new Doctor Who RPG from Cubicle Seven.

The Doctor Who RPG: What We Know...

As a playtester I can't discuss much about this game. But I am happy to have TAF do it for me.

I will say this. It will be awesome. EVEN IF I didn't know anything about the game, I know Dave Chapman from working on Con X 2.0 and other projects. And Cubicle 7 is a bunch of great guys, so it will have good support.

I am totally geeking over the fact that it will be a boxed set.

I am just bummed I will have to wait so long to see it.


Shingo Watanabe said...

Ok, You Can't give much information because you were a playtest, but there is a thing taht I don't find any information. Will be a new gamesystem just for this game?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Yes. It is a brand new system made especially for this game.

One I think works rather well.

Tim Knight said...

Thanks for the nod, Tim!

I'm so excited about this game and its potential :-)

Of course, you have the advantage having already played it - so you know how good it is and can taunt us plebs who will have to wait for its official publication! ;-)!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Hey, a lot of it changed betweeen my playtest (the "Ghost Tower of Inverness, Illinois") and what will be out. I am just as excited as you are!