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Friday, July 24, 2015

Kickstart Your Weekend: Round-up Edition

Nothing special to share with you today, just some repeats that I really enjoy and a couple of new ones with familiar names.  Getting ready for Gen Con.

Reaper Miniatures Bones 3: The Search for Mr. Bones!
Man I wish I could paint minis.  But I am really, really terrible at it.  I can't see the detail and my hand shakes too much thanks to all the caffeine I drink.  Still this looks awesome.

Leagues of Gothic Horror
I mentioned this one before, but it looks really, really fun.   I am really looking forward to it.

Castles & Crusades Mythos
Not one, but three new book from Brian N. Young who brought us the Codex Celtarum and the Codex Nordica.   This time we have books for German, Slavic and Classical Greek myths.  Sure to be excellent.

Star Trek: Axanar
I LOVE Star Trek and this to me is "real" Star Trek.  It just looks so good. There is so much love, care and attention put into this I can't wait to see it.   Plus pledging for the blu-ray is still cheaper than a night out at the movies with the kids.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hero Forge Mini

Yesterday I got my Hero Forge mini in the mail.  Here is Larina!

The mini is nice but there is far less detail than I expected.  True I picked the "Strong" mini and not the "Ultra Detailed" one, so I think I need to try that one out.

Shipping took about 4 weeks, no idea what it would take now.
If I get the other characters I want I am going to be in the market for someone to paint them!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hero Forge: Meet Roryn, Xothia of the Rock

Next week is the premier of the last Hobbit movie.
When the first movie premiered I posted the Dwarven Witch,  the Xothia.

Well thanks to the magic that is Hero Forge I can now see Roryn come to sorta.

She is complete with seer stone and laybrs.

I also did some of my iconic witch Larina.  I opted for the hat over her normal hood because, well I love pointy hats.  I might try one with her with a hood.

And her daughter and apprentice Taryn,

I am having way too much with this!

The best thing is making characters I might never have been able to get before.
Such as Justice,

It's not a perfect representation, but it is really, really close and I really like it.   I kind of dig the armor look vs. the tunic.  The pose and blindfold make it perfect.

I will post some pictures when my backer figure comes in.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another "Witch" Kickstarter!

So we are in the last week (or so) of my Strange Brew Kickstarter.

But while I was out advertising it I noticed this other kickstarter.

Fantasy Miniatures by Minx Studio

This one is for miniatures.  So if you play Pathfinder then you are going to need some minis.
If you get my Pathfinder witch book then you are going to need some witch minis.

Well they have one and it is one of their stretch goals.

Here are some great pics of the sculpt.

The "Magic" characters look pretty awesome too. The Sorceress, Druid, Wizard and Clerics would work very nicely for my book as well.

So check them out. These minis look awesome and I REALLY want that witch!  Frankly I love witches with pointy hats.  So make me happy, pledge for us both.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

White Dwarf Wednesday #95

White Dwarf Issue # 95 from November 1987.
I want to state upfront that I actually don't have the flexi-disc. It was not part of the magazine when I got it (no surprise really). Plus I don't actually own a turn-table anymore so even if I did have it.

White Dwarf #95 takes us to November 1987.  I asked my wife if she remembers what we were doing then. She didn't recall.  I know that gamewise my old 1st Ed DM had come up and we were running an adventure together for some other people in the dorm.  One of the characters we made that day would later live on as a vampire in other games and finally come back to my 3rd Ed game as the only person in my games to ever be cured of vampirism.  I think I mentioned this one before. (yup, WDW 93).

Sean Masterson discusses the influence fantasy and sci-fi has had on rock.  There is the obvious influence of metal at least on gaming, at least in terms of how WD does it.  So we should not be surprised when gaming influences metal. Thus the flexi disk that came with the magazine.

Marginalia, Open Box's lesser offspring, is next with "reviews" of some GW products.  Up first is "The Fury of Dracula" board game.  I'll admit I have always wanted to play this one, and it always looked rather cool.  Reading these design notes/reviews actually get me more interested in a game.  Though I do feel compelled to point out something. The review is written for the point of view of someone who has only known Dracula in movies and maybe never read the book.  That is fine, a lot of people don't like the book.  They are careful to point out that Dracula was killed with a Bowie knife to the heart in the book (true) but add that he was trying to build an empire of the undead (not true).  Not quite sure where they got that.  Of course people have also been looking for some deeper romantic connection between Mina and Dracula and that was also never in the book.
Covered next are two city books, one for Warhammer the other for Judge Dredd.

Critical Mass covers a number of Sci-fi books including the latest Stainless Steel Rat book.  Never could get into this series.

Our first big adventure of the issue is for Judge Dredd, "To Live and Die in Megacity One, Prog: 2 The Big Sleep".  Again hard for me to judge this one, but I have been told that the Judge Dredd adventures of this time are good. It is a long one, 10 pages with 2 more of maps.

Lots of pages of pictures of painted minis even before we get to 'Eavy Metal. Here is a review (more detailed than I ever could do) on the minis.

Actually if you are looking for you White Dwarf fix every week I would recommend Realms of Chaos 80s as a good blog dedicated to things I only briefly touched on.

Ad for Fury of Dracula.  At first I thought it was a mis-print of the first page of Marginalia again.  Looked exactly the same.

"On the Boil" is an adventure (or is it Scenario?) for Warhammer Fantasy. 5 pages.  I wish I knew more about Warhammer to be honest.  Not just to judge these, but because reading these makes me aware of a huge gap I have in my RPG background.  I honestly don't think I would get much out of the Warhammer experience. I can't paint. I don't like collecting minis of armies.  But there is something so...well, Warhammer, about it.  I am sure there has to be something in this experience that I could port back over to my own old-school D&D games.

"The Madcap Laughs" deals with setting the scenes for new Stormbringer Adventures.

"Warhammer Rock" is where the flexi-disk would have been. It is also an interview with the band Sabbat.
Here is a link to the entire article.

And here is the song.

The lyrics are in the magazine and on the video page on YouTube.

Next are ads, then Illuminations featuring the art of John Blanche.
Letters follow and then some ads.

Again we see similar things here that we did in issue 94.  I have mixed feelings about Marginalia; I like the in-depth reviews but dislike that they are only focusing on house brands. Granted that is really the only way a magazine would do it and in 1987 I wasn't buying much of anything.

If you are looking for another good source of White Dwarf information I have been enjoying the fuckyeahbritisholdschoolgaming blog on tumblr

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hero Forge

Have you seen this new Kickstarter?

Hero Forge is new application of the character builder idea.  Like in most character builders you design your character based on some built in elements and print it out.  With this one the printer is a high quality 3D printer and your output is a miniature for your game.

Personally I think this a fantastic.  At work we have been wanting a 3D printer, just kind find a good reason to buy one.  We call it a solution looking for a problem.  Well here is the problem!

The cool thing is if you configure a 28mm mini you like you can scale it up to 3" and 6".

Here are a couple of other sites to help explain.

They blew past their funding goal in 72hours and are going great.
So they don't really need my money, but this looks so nice.

I already have some minis I really love, and I can't paint to save my life.  But this still looks really awesome.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zatannurday: Hero Clix 2!!

I didn't forget!  I was waiting on this.

A while back I posted some Zatanna Heroclix.
Well now thanks to reader and fellow blogger Justin Isaac look what I got in the mail today!

Wish I could take a clearer picture, but it is the only Zatanna I didn't have!
And here is the "enjoy!" envelope it came in

She looks great with my others.

And with my other witches!

Thanks so much Justin for making my Zatannurday perfect!
Check out his blog (with cool ass supers) at the Halls of the Nephilim,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zatannurday: Hero Clix!

I really enjoy my minis for Fantasy RPGs.

I also enjoy them for Supers games, I just don't have as many.
I do have some HeroClix.  Ok, I have (or rather had) 2.

I stopped by my favorite local game store and saw they had some new ones, so I bought one.
Guess what I got?

A Justice League Dark Zatanna!  I was hoping for this but really did not expect it.

She looks cool next to my classic Zatanna.

And Raven. That is all three of the HeroClix I own.  I just need the other Zatanna one.

They look pretty cool next to my Little Witches and Lego Witch.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Witches, Part 2

My little witches are being discussed over at Get Geekt on how to paint minis.

It also reminded me that Alisha has her own blog here,, though her minis have not been posted there yet.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Witches

So a while back I mentioned I needed some minis painted.

Alisha Ard emailed me some pics of her work and I took her up on her offer, and I am so glad I did.  Here are the witches she painted for me.
First up the Dark Sword Halloween 2009 Witch.  This is my newest Hexblade character.

For the 3.x game I am in with my boys this witch is mother of the one above, I have a few different versions of her since she is also my play-test character for any new magic rules I am working on.

The Laurana Sorceres mini from Reaper,

and my personal favorite, the Larry Elmore Early Snow from Dark Sword,

I think she did a fantastic job on these!  The detail is amazing. If you look at the Laurana one above you can see her spellbook in her bag and see pages.  The reflected glow of my hexblade's magical sword is just too cool.

Here are all three together on my game table.

And here are three of the same character (plus my older Elmore Dark Sword mini).

Even though done by two different painters, I am pleased with how well they look together.  You can't see it here, but there is a streak of grey in the hair of the last mini.  I guess I have them in Maiden, Mother and Crone alignment here.

I want to thank Alisha Ard for painting these.  They look so awesome that I can't wait to play some this weekend.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Product changes at WotC: no more Minis

Well WotC seemed to avoid the pre-Christmas layoffs this year that had plagued them in years past, but the product line did not fare as well.

As reported in Ampersand, there are some product changes on the way.

  • The D&D minis line is now dropped.
  • Three books have been removed from the product schedule, with the Shadow book now coming later in the year.
  • There will be no monthly compendium of Dragon and Dungeon articles, just the same single articles to download when they are ready.

The anti-WotC and anti-D&D4 crowds will find nothing but doom and gloom in this of course.  But even as someone that enjoys D&D4 I find this a bit disheartening.  I like minis. I have no ability what soever to paint metal ones so pre-painted plastic was fantastic for me.  The loss of books is a sign of other issues, even I had no real plans to buy those particular books.

As for Dragon, while I understand how they want to keep the name I miss the Dragon mag of old.  Not just the days when Paizo was publishing but the days when it was a multi-game magazine.  But in a day and age when print periodicals have trouble staying afloat, let alone profitable, then I understand the business decisions.

Anyway here are some other places it is getting talked about.  The reactions vary.  (love the header on this blog!)
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