Friday, March 8, 2024

#FollowFriday AND Kickstart Your Weekend

 A special double feature today because I have a bunch I want to share.  Lets get to it.

#FollowFriday Oneiropolis


I mentioned this one yesterday, but I wanted to make it special today. Oneiropolis is the new Patreon from game designer Joseph D. Carriker. I worked with Joseph on Six of Cups for Green Ronin Publishing's Blue Rose. He was in charge of a product featuring various cities in Blue Rose's World of Aldea. I got the wonderful chance to put my little mark on Garnet. 

So yeah, Joseph knows his cities. He is now on Patreon and detailing cities in FRPGS. He posts about every two days so far, and he certainly doesn't lack inspirational material. I am coming back to this one for any and all Waterdeep lore.

I have always wanted to do a pure urban campaign. This is giving me more material to work with and use to make that real.

So, absolutely check it out. While you are at it check out his DMsGuild offerings.

Friday is settled, let's talk weekends and Kickstarters. I have one on both ends of their funding calendars.

Metanthropes: Introductory Zine


This is a zine-sized TTRPG where the characters are Metanthropes or "Beyond Human."  The author is building Foundry support and the mock-ups of the books look great. It has a super-hero vibe, but also something more akin to Exalted. The rules are easier though.

The PDF is only 10€ and the physical book is 20€. So, not a bad price, really.

It looks interesting and I think I'll give it a try.

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Does this guy or his adventures even need an introduction here anymore? Mark is back with FOUR adventures. Ok, and a mini adventure, but both for 1st Edition and 5th Edition. Which is perfect for me. One Kickstarter, an adventure for me (1st Ed) and one for my kids (5e).

Now he FINALLY is giving me a witch adventure AND it takes place in the sewers, so it ties into this week's mini-theme of urban adventures.

Mark's adventures are crazy, fun and rock solid. The only thing that runs better are his Kickstarters for them. He is a model of how to do Kickstarter right.  Grab these.

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PT Dilloway said...

Sewer Witch sounds fun--and also kinda gross. Could I make a party of ninja turtles to fight her?