Monday, July 31, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 7, Room 31

 The last room on this level is a large landing between the flights of stairs going down.  All around the party are portals to the Plane of Elemental Fire. Standing on the landing wielding a huge flaming sword is a fire giant.

Room 31

The fire giant is named Heiðra. He is a former ally of the Vampire Queen. She cursed him to remain here and keep any who would seek her final resting place away. He will do all that he can to keep the party from moving forward. 

Heiðra has the stats of a fire giant, save his sword does an additional 2d6 fire damage.  He has an abode in the Elemental Plane of Fire and there is a portal nearby. He will not retreat, though, and will fight to the death.  If he is dropped to half his HP he will summon 1d4+1 Hellhounds

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