Thursday, July 13, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 7, Room 13

 Moving on from room #12 the party enters a large spherical room 50' in diameter.  The walls of the room are polished obsidian.  The center of the room features a large monolith of the same material. Stalactites and stalagmites break up the otherwise uniform blackness of this room.

Room 13

Free Art Assets - Grey Gnome Games - Jason Glover

This monolith radiates evil and necromantic energies. It doesn't take a magic-user to figure this out, all the characters can feel it.

Touching the monolith a character hears a voice. The monolith is known as the Monolith of Evil. It brags that it is 1000s of years old and was worshipped by 1000s of acolytes. Offerings of blood and lives kept it powerful. But now it is drained of all power, the Vampire Queen drained came and took all of its power.

It lets the characters know that if they could just kill their fellows it will be able to grant them the power to kill the Vampire Queen.  

The monolith has no idea is the Vampire Queen is still active or not. 

There is no magical compulsion here, save for being creepy it has no real power left. 

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