Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Mail Call: Victorian, Tasha and League of Malevolence

It's a month since Christmas, so I can buy things for myself again.  And this is what the mail has given me this week.

Mail Call

Vis Imperium Victoriana is a Victorian RPG using the same rules as Pendragon Chivalry and Sorcery Essence (thanks for the corrections!).  So you know I am excited for that!

Enoch's Wake is from Richard Ruane. Game designer, co worker at my day job, and all around great guy.  Can't wait to get into that as well.  I am totally planning on stealing ideas from this for my BlackStar game.

I got a League of Malevolence figures which include my favorites Skylla and Kelek.

League of Malevolence figures

Skylla and Kelek

Skylla and Kelek

They look pretty good and compare well to my HeroForge ones I had made a while back.



Skylla and Kelek with Zybilna

I also treated myself to a signed photo from Ginny Di as Tasha.

Ginny Di as Tasha

That one is either going to be part of my D&D5 DM's Screen or be part of my Tasha/Iggwilv/Zybilna character folder.  Either way I am happy to have it!

Happy...uh...January to me!!


Unknown said...

ViV uses similiar rules to Chivalry and Sorcery Essence not Pendragon.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

That's right! I knew I misspoke once I pressed Post. Thanks for the correction!

Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri said...

Hey! Great blog! I found this while doing a Google search on the LJN Miniature Skyla figurine and got directed to her as one place that had a clear shot of the front of her card.

I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but NECA Toys is making a LJN Dungeons & Dragons Lost Wave 4 pack for San Diego Comic Con 2022 next month. The 4 pack will include Pulvereye with working Shield Shooter arm and Battlematic Action, Valkeer with Battlematic Action, the Battlematic Action version of Kelek that was shown but never made AND they are making Skyla as a full figure for the first time. She's more in line with the line's earlier releases without Battlematic action, but features her staff and a few other accessories including a fabric cloak. NECA is making them virtually identical to their 1980’s counterparts, complete with cardbacks that match the vintage line (most notable chance is they say Dungeons and Dragons and not Advanced Dungeons and Dragons).

Pre-orders for Non Convention going people sold out in like 25 minutes, but if you are going to the snow or know anyone going, I'd totally poke them to see if they could grab the set for you, especially if you are a big Skyla fan.

Keep up the good work on the blog, I'll have to go read some other entries.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment!

Yes! I have seen these. I missed the pre-order window, so yeah if you grab one let me know!