Sunday, August 15, 2021

#RPGaDAY2021 Day 15 Supplement

RPGaDAY2021 Day 15
Today's word has gotten me thinking about what are my favorite RPG Supplements.

Day 15 Supplement

RPG supplements are kind of an odd thing.  Some very much have the feel of "leftovers" or things that were meant for the core book but for one reason or another they didn't quite make the cut.  

Others do feel like a very nice addition to the game they are supporting.

Back in the earliest days of my gaming, I did not really see supplements as something "Extra." Indeed the marketing worked well on me I and I often saw this or that book as somehow "required" to play.  I have naturally relaxed that attitude a bit.  I have all the major hardcovers for AD&D 1st ed, but I stick mostly to the cores for AD&D 2nd Ed and D&D 3rd Ed.  4th Edition is somewhat different, but I do have a "core" I stick with. Same as Pathfinder.

The first real supplement that I ever bought was for a game I didn't get to play all that much, but the supplement was worth every penny I paid.  That would have been Chill Vampires for 1st Ed (Pacesetter) Chill.   It really changed how I played vampires in my games so much that when Ravenloft finally came around later I was already using character sheets for my main vampire villains. 

Chill Vampires

Another one that also had a huge impact on my games was Original D&D's Eldritch Wizardry.  

Eldritch Wizardry

Demons. Druids. Psionics.  It was everything my Basic D&D game was missing that I wanted. I didn't care all of this was in AD&D, that cover and those pages just called to me. I am impressed that it is back in print. Well, Print on Demand anyway.  I hear the PoD copy is also rather nice.


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